The Grid

A digital frontier...

Welcome to the Grid, the Blue Castle's cyber-network of offramps from the Information Superhighway. Here you will find all sorts of websites on all sorts of topics!


  • Kaiju & Toku Links
  • Old Gaming Resources, compiled while I was reading a lot about old Dungeons & Dragons and the Old School Renaissance.
  • Literature Links, databases of public domain literature, pulp magazine archives, and character databases.
  • Middle-earth Resources, anything interesting related to Tolkien's works including setting reference, Elvish language resources, scholarship, gaming, fanfiction, and retro fansites that are still standing.
  • Old Web Links: a motley assortment of web design resources, old web revivalist sites, and authentic vintage webpages.

"That's You All Over"

Here's where else you can find me around the web.


Here are some podcasts I've enjoyed over the years.

  • Chronicles of Oz: an audio drama retelling L. Frank Baum's classic Oz novels, a more updated and "mature" retelling that actually manages to maintain the charm and whimsy of the originals at the same time.
  • Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend: Conan O'Brien talking to celebrities and bickering with his staff.
  • Disability: A New History: a documentary series about the history of disabled people in Britain, with an emphasis on primary sources and first-hand accounts.
  • The Empty Bowl: Justin McElroy and Dan Goubert discuss the lastest news in cereal, and that's it.
  • Hidden Mickeys: Journalist Carrie Poppy and actress Natalie Palamides talk shit about weird Disney ephemera.
  • The Kaijusaurus Podcast: Lifelong kaiju fan Steven Sloss and newbie Roz Menzies review Godzilla movies.
  • Monster Crazy: Cameron Fetter and Kai Peterson discuss monsters.
  • MonsterTalk: Skeptical investigators Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow talk about monsters, hauntings, aliens, pseudohistory, and all that sort of stuff.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno: Jamie Morton reads his father's erotic novel to his friends James and Alice.
  • Myths and Legends: Tales from around the world, retold by Jason Weiser.
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie: Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy investigate paranormal claims, new religious movements, and pseudoscience.
  • Podcast About List: Caleb Pitts, Cameron Fetter, and Patrick Doran (usually) read and riff on user-generated lists from various websites.
  • Sleep With Me: Dearest Scooter rambles quietly about nothing much to help bore you to sleep.

Youtube Channels

Here are some Youtube channels I enjoy

  • Andy King: Humourous commentary videos
  • ashens: Stuart Ashen reviews strange, cheap, and/or knockoff products on his couch.
  • BRIAN ENGH PALEOART: Videos and documentaries by award-winning palaeoartist Brian Engh.
  • Gabi Belle: Humourous commentary videos
  • I did a thing: Australian guy builds bizarre and dangeorus inventions and undertakes unusual projects.
  • Kiana Docherty: Health and wellness commentary videos
  • Kruggsmash: A Let's Player who primarily plays the complex fantasy world sim Dwarf Fortress, resulting in some great emergent storytelling.
  • Lindsay Ellis: No longer updated, pop culture commentary videos by Channel Awesome alumn and author Lindsay Ellis.
  • Ordinary Sausage: Guy makes sausages out of weird foods, among other culinary experiments.
  • Patience Xina: Political and social commentary videos.
  • Rap Critic: One of the few Channel Awesome alumni I still follow semi-regularly, Rap Critic, as the name implies, reviews rap music.
  • Todd in the Shadows: Another Channel Awesome alumnus, Todd in the Shadows reviews pop music. His videos are pretty much my only means of keeping up with what's popular.
  • The Tommy Edison Experience: Film critic Tommy Edison discusses life as a blind man.
  • TREY the Explainer: Videos on wide-ranging topics from world history and palaeontology to cryptozoology, ufology, and speculative biology.
  • videogamedunkey: Humourous video game content
  • xRavenRose17x: Maybe the first Youtube channel I ever watched, this long-dormant channel consists mostly of Teen Titans and Naruto music videos. Unfortunately a lot of them have had their sound muted for copyright claims.

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